Homeopathic Testimonials

We have a long list of testimonials but it is not possible to post all of them here. We have posted just few. Names and addresses of the patients have been omitted to maintain their privacy. We have complete record of all cases that we have treated so far.

Hemorrhoids (Piles)

A 56 years old male living in San Antonio (USA) had bleeding hemorrhoids. He contacted us through email. We treated him with homeopathic medicines during February/March 2003. He reported complete cure in about 3 weeks. This is just one of the cases. We have successfully treated numerous cases of different types of piles. The piles disappeared permanently.

Kidney Stones

In late 2018, a 55 years old lady came in with Kidney Stones. She was having severe pain in both kidneys which was treated with homeopathic medicines. In 3 months the stones were gradually dissolved and excreted out of the body. Infection in both kidneys that was caused by the stones was also cured. She has been enjoying a healthier lifestyle ever since.


A lady 32 years old, mother of two children had right-sided migraine of nearly one year’s standing. She used to get daily attacks of migraine. She was treated for one week, which made the pain to disappear for few weeks. A month later the pain reappeared for which another course of treatment was given for one week, which cured her completely. She has had no migraine since the year 2002.

Vitiligo (Leucoderma) Treatment

A 3 1/2years old girl was brought to our clinic for treatment of vitiligo in February 2006. She had vitiligo spots on her face, which were in the initial stages as diagnosed by Dermatologist. We treated her using homeopathic medicines both internally and externally. She was completely cured in about 3 months.
Another case of a 26 years old Somali lady based in Dubai had vitiligo spots on various parts of her body since many years. She consulted us through email in November 2005 for homeopathic treatment. We recommended the medicines for internal use along with appropriate diet, which she used as advised. The treatment continued till July 2006 when she reported complete cure. She also had persistent low blood pressure and subnormal body temperature, which were cured alongside.


We have successfully treated many cases dandruff.

Heart Disease Case

A 52 years old lady contacted us in July 2004 with heart trouble. She had been a school teacher but had to quit the job because she could no longer speak for 15 minutes or climb 8 stairs without getting violent palpitation and losing breath. She had been under the treatment of a Cardiologist for over two years who had finally recommended surgery. We treated her with homeopathic medicines. After one week she was no longer losing breath that easily. In two months she was cured to the extent that she has not had that complaint since then and is living happily.